Deviant Truth

Here is a list of the videos exposing DevianTart’s staff members  for their incompetence. Note that none of this information is new, these admins have been this shitty for years. It’s just time somebody made videos catching them red-handed.


The Deviant Truth – Episode 01: Pedophiles get Bans Appealed

The Deviant Truth – Episode 02: Copyright Law 107 does nothing on DevianTart

The Deviant Truth – Episode 03: Butthurt Admins don’t do their jobs and get exposed for it

The Deviant Truth – Episode 04: Unethical Admin RealitySquared

The Deviant Truth – Episode 4.5: RealitySquare uses unlegit info to ban users that expose him

The Deviant Truth Trailer 5 & RealitySquared Is A Thief “PROOF” – This video is blocked on DA lol trying to hide something R^2?(Video was reuploaded to blipTV, you can see see that this link does not work on the site due to R^2 blocking the video from being linked on DA, – if you try linking it now on DA, it will say that the system thinks your comment is spam). This shows that R^2 is knows it is the truth and that he tried to hide it.

The Deviant Truth – Episode 05: Admins cause the Contradictions

Deviant Truth – Episode 06: RealitySquared has Ass’Hurtins Syndrome + Damage Control


19 comments on “Deviant Truth

  1. Actually, they won’t ban him for quoting you because the admin know he’s back on DA since A) They have this information somewhere and B) It would be impossible to ban evade using the account they banned. So..

    I know I’ve been reported for ban evasion but I’m back on DA legally so all of their reports have been deemed resolved and tossed into the heap. Same for Darkfox.

    R^ may be incapable of doing his job but he’s not an idiot who’s easily distracted by links. He’s going to read your page before clicking links, not that anything on this page is really all that secret or informative.

    I’m sure he appreciates your effort to ‘help’, but do you really think we don’t know what the fuck it is we’re doing? C’mon.
    I have to admit though, your little ‘secret-agent’ thing you’ve got going on here is amusing.
    But it’s okay, we know how to handle ourselves. Let the big kids play, alright?

  2. I don’t think you realize I don’t care if my account gets banned or not, I’ve done my part and that’s all that matters. Besides, I can’t hide that comment, even if I wanted to. The admins are the only ones with control over that.

      • Your constant trolling of people and your disrespectfulness towards the DA admins. It doesn’t matter if realitysquared took down your stuff, he’s a good man, and you’re breaking rules.

      • Look here SOLIDMARIO! I don’t know why you are posing as Tylor, you cannot fool us. I’ve already informed BBC that you are doing this. You are a stupid mother fucker because I have PROVEN that Realitysquared is NOT a good man on multiple occasions. Fuck deviantart, if the admins don’t obey their own rules then why the fuck should I? I am going to fight for what is right, THE TRUTH CANNOT BE DEFEATED.

        I am going to bring ULTIMATE CHANGE to your faggoty ways, your censoring of the truth will come to an end and people will have a safe way to speak the truth, do you know why? BECAUSE I’M GOING TO EVENTUALLY MAKE A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO USE SCAPEGOAT ACCOUNTS WITHOUT GETTING FLAGGED OFF YOUTUBE BY YOU FAGGOTS. People will laugh at your pedophile ways and the world will forever remember you as a sick fuck. But it doesn’t end there, we will expose EVERYONE that is a sick fuck. And there wont be a damn thing you can do about it.

  3. I’m truthfully more smarter than you think, asshole. I even already told him that faggotry will rule forever.

    • You, you’re no longer allowed to speak anymore, you’re like those blind idiots who only act on what they believe, without actually looking at the facts. Thinking RealitySquared is a good man, R^ is a worthless piece of shit, who doesn’t act on anything helpful and barely does his job. I know ThelulzyArtist does harass you, but to blindly believe RealitySquared does something good? No, just no, you’re officially no longer someone who can be taken seriously.

      • I just won’t let Deviantart be destroyed. And I have freedom of speech. Go fuck yourself, Trolls.

  4. I don’t censor truth, I merely try to save this world from cowards like you. And the pedophile was all a lie. BBC is evil.

  5. Ok CCC as much as I hate to admit it, I kinda miss seeing you on DA. Look forward to seeing you make a comeback

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