One comment on “Yoshi’s Island

  1. Hey sir, I love you’re art and I l love Yoshi’s Island and where’s the Current Work In Progress art image and where’s the Kphoria video on and I found this diaper fag named Wisdo3 he’s also the art theft from just look on his gallery and I found the tracer named SelenaEde is a tracer and the crossover pairing fag and she’s the female TheForgivenArtist and just look at her gallery on Deviant Art and just look at laughable-lion-king-art which is a site devoted to bad fan art bad fan characters and tracing and Bases and lionized Sonic fan art just look at this link, “” as well. And the another user named Fyrekobra he is a Kphoria’s friend he is Picture editor extraordinaire and the Sonic fag and I found this journal is called “Help save chickens!” and it’s worst then Anti-Bully thing! And the last user is Marioandsonic07 also known as 07Marioandsonic on YouTube as well. He is “The Master of Euphoria” and he’s from Chile and his real name is Christopher Riel and he is a Sonic fag as well. Sincerely Chad Edwards

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